The Treat Worthy of a 10-Tail-wag Salute

If you haven’t yet tried the new and improved Antioxidant Health Bars – Oatmeal & Apple Recipe, your precious pup is missing out on a seriously nutritious and noshable reward.

Packed with ingredients handpicked by Dr. Jane, HealthyPetNet’s Antioxidant Health Bars have always been a fantastic way to nutritiously reward our lovable four-footers. But now, there’s even more reason to celebrate this formula for better health. In the new Oatmeal & Apple Recipe formula, our good doctor added hefty helpings of vitamin E, C and beta-carotene for a serious jolt of antioxidants to help support and maintain their immune systems.

Dogs find this new recipe utterly irresistible. These delicious snacks have the tempting taste of apples, peanut butter and honey – flavors that come from those actual ingredients, not from artificial chemicals.

Just like the previous formulation, the new Antioxidant Health Bars feature a whole host of wholesome ingredients, including oatmeal, brown rice, ground flaxseed, rolled oats, dried whole eggs, cranberries and carrots, all of which help to round out this satisfying and healthy treat for a sublime taste sensation. You might even find yourself tempted to take a bite yourself!