Compare Dog Food

Why Compare Dog Food Brands?

Over the years so called premium dog food has not changed much. Current dog food regulations still allow manufacturers to use ingredients that you would never knowingly give to your dog. We believe your dogs should get the best products science and nature has to offer so your dogs can live the longest and healthiest life possible.

Please consider basing your purchasing decision on the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients in the dog food. Compare the dog food brands you use with other dog foods to determine if it delivers the proper nutrition that your dog needs and deserves. Don’t be influenced by clever marketing techniques and attractive packages that will not benefit your dog. Learn how to compare what is in your dogs food.

Life’s Abundance Dog Sample Pack

Your dog deserves the advantages of total nutrition in a premium dog food. The Life’s Abundance Dog Food Pack contains a sample of a complete and nourishing diet: a natural, nutrient rich premium dog food, a comprehensive dietary supplement and a healthy, low-fat delicious treat.

The dog food sample packs all include:

  • Life’s Abundance Premium Dog Food
  • Antioxidant Health Bar