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By Tess Thompson Seizures in animals are a neurological problem that is mostly caused by epilepsy or a brain tumor. Feline epilepsy...

posted on Dec 26, 2009

Urolithiasis - Dog Bladder Stones

 By Tess Thompson In certain conditions like disturbances in urine pH, crystals in the urine bond together. Once bonded, these crystals become insoluble and when...

posted on Dec 21, 2009

Kennel Cough - An Overview

By Tess Thompson Kennel cough is a common name for canine infectious tracheobronchitis, a common respiratory infection in dogs marked by inflammation of the...

posted on Dec 20, 2009


By Tess Thompson Seizures are symptoms of a disease. It is only when seizures are found to be idiopathic, that is, without a known cause, that seizures are conveniently termed as...

posted on Dec 20, 2009

Don’t Let Allergies Ruin Your Relationship

We all know allergies run rampant as spring approaches, for pets as well as their owners. But there is one allergy most dog and cat owners do not want to think of – a dreaded...

posted on Nov 10, 2009