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Eating Number Two is Number One Among Pet Parent Concerns

What is coprophagia? For those of you that have a dog that does it, no explanation is necessary. But for the rest of us… According to Wikipedia, coprophagia is the consumption of feces, from...

posted on Aug 29, 2010

Hyperactivity in Dogs

By Debra F. Horwitz, DVM, Diplomate ACVB Veterinary Behavior Consultations, St. Louis, Missouri April 13, 2010 Occasionally owners of very active dogs come to my office convinced...

posted on Aug 27, 2010

The Treat Worthy of a 10-Tail-wag Salute

If you haven’t yet tried the new and improved Antioxidant Health Bars - Oatmeal & Apple Recipe, your precious pup is missing out on a seriously nutritious and noshable...

posted on Aug 15, 2010

Natural Flea-Busters Help Your Pet Cope

The spring and summer months are flea season. Fleas flourish in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees, with humidity in the 75 to 85 percent range. In some locations flea season is year round....

posted on Aug 13, 2010

Three Simple Sure Fire Strategies to Optimize Your Pet’s Health

Preventative medicine is not only important for us humans, but equally important for keeping our pets with us for as long as possible. You have to “create your pet’s health” proactively...

posted on May 11, 2010